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2020-02-13 12-17.pdf
Bid sheets and transmittal of reports from the Office of the Chief of Counter-intelligence in the Pacific from January 18, 1946

Transcript of interrogation of Lt. Col. Yoshitaka Sasaki by Lt. Col. AT Thompson, 2/20/46

9.19 2Dec1946 Interrogation of Dr Kiyoshi by Keller.pdf
Interrogation of Kiyoshi Ota by Major Owen V. Keller, dated December 2nd, 1946; on the intelligence development of bacterial warfare during the war.

5.3.9 14Jun1946 Memo on Interrogations by Keenan.pdf
Memorandum to Major General A.N. Vasilyev from Frank S. Tavenner Jr., concerning evidence findings of Joseph B. Keenan on Japanese BW and Chemical warfare in China and subsequent decisions relating to charges
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