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Prisoner of War Interrogation


POW Interrogations


At the Pacific War Archives, we have over 50 declassified documents with transcripts of interrogations done during the Sino-Japanese War. These words from POWs are crucial to our understanding of civilian and military life.

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Interrogation of Japanese prisoner of war Isamu Chimba regarding bacteriological warfare on December 3rd 1944.

Letter from Col. H.W. Dix to Col. Richard P. Heppner on March 20, 1945 regarding the current status of Japanese biological warfare and diverse actions to be taken by US intelligence, such as interrogations.

Status report on interrogation of POW involved in incident of Feb. 26, 1936 (From Col. Thomas H. Morrow to Joseph B. Keenan)

Memorandum to Major General A.N. Vasilyev from Frank S. Tavenner Jr., concerning evidence findings of Joseph B. Keenan on Japanese BW and Chemical warfare in China and subsequent decisions relating to charges

Classified message regarding medical intelligence reports and anthrax K vaccine from CG U.S. Army Forces in Far East, GHQ, Southwest Pacific Area, Brisbane, Australia, to the War Department dated September 20th, 1944.

To: WDSCA, From: CINCFE, To: WDSCA, CS Myers, Col.
Coded message from the Commander in Chief of the Far East (CinCFE), C.S. Myers, to WDSCA discussing Japanese interrogations and Soviet documents on February 28th, 1947.

Brief for Chief of Staff
Brief for the Chief of Staff on March 27th, 1947 regarding Russian interest in Japanese Bacteriological Warfare interrogations.

Sackton: Russ Interrogation Bacteriology on War Crime Basis
Document from GHQ SCAP on March 30th, 1947 regarding Russian interrogation Bacteriology on War Crime basis, addressed to Col. Sackton.

Memorandum for Record, RPM
Memorandum on Russian interest in Japanese interrogations from May 6th, 1947.

Interrogation of Certain Japanese by Russian Prosecutor
State-War-Navy coordinating Committee notes on the interrogation of certain Japanese individuals by Russian prosecutors on May 13th, 1947.
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