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Brief summary of new information about Japanese biological warfare activities, from Camp Detrick to Chief Chemical Corps, 6/20/1947.

Summary report from Dr. Edwin V. Hill MD at Camp Detrick, to General Alden C. Waitt (chief chemical corps) regarding biological warfare investigations, 12/12/47

9.38 30Jun1947 Transmittal of Affidavits to Civil Affairs Division, War Crime Branch from A.C. Carpenter.pdf
Transmittal of Affadavits from A.C.Carpenter (BW Group, Chief Legal Section) to Civil Affairs Division, War Crime Branch, dated June 30th 1947; on interrogations of Maj. Gen. Kiyoshi Kawashima and General Tonie Karasawa, with reference made to…

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Letter in response to letter of May Lt. Col. Oram C. Woolpert regarding the immunization against "X" to the Commanding Officer HQ at Camp Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, from James S. Simmons Brig. General, A. U. S. dated March 22nd, 1943.
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