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Memorandum to Lt. Colonel Anderson from Lt. Colonel Howard I. Cole, containing summaries of two reports ("Summary of Information Extracted from a Report by a Member of the Staff of the Army Medical Colllege, Tokyo" and "Summary of a Provisional…

9.38 30Jun1947 Transmittal of Affidavits to Civil Affairs Division, War Crime Branch from A.C. Carpenter.pdf
Transmittal of Affadavits from A.C.Carpenter (BW Group, Chief Legal Section) to Civil Affairs Division, War Crime Branch, dated June 30th 1947; on interrogations of Maj. Gen. Kiyoshi Kawashima and General Tonie Karasawa, with reference made to…

9.36 27Jun1947 Japanese War Crime Trials .pdf
Message from CINCFE to War, dated June 27th, 1947; on the Japanese war crime trial (regarding scattered wheat grain over Ningbo).

9.35 22Jun1947 Incoming Message from WAR to CINCEF.pdf
Incoming Message from WAR to CINCFE, dated June 22nd, 1947; on the Legal Section of SCAP having sufficient evidence for the criminalisation of Ishii's BW group violating rules of land warfare.

9.33.3 4Apr1946 Fang, Acting Director, National Health Administration.pdf
Statement of Dr. P.Z. King, dated March 31st, 1942; on the Japanese attempt in bacterial warfare in China.

9.33.2 Statement of Former Chief of Stadd of the Kwantung Army, LT-Gen HATA.pdf
Statement of former Chief of Staff of the Kwantung Army, Lt.-Gen. Hikosaburo Hata, dated October 10th 1946; on his activities during WW2.

9.33.1 Interrogation Report, Chief of the Medical Dept. Kwantung Armz.pdf
Interrogation Report; regarding the POW Lt.-Gen. Ryuji Kajitsuka of the Kwantung Army.

9.33 6Jun1947 C-53169 From CINCEF to WAR.pdf
Message from CINCFE to WAR, dated June 6th, 1947; on evidence of use of bacteriological warfare during WW2 by the Japanese army.

9.32 3Jun1947 Incoming Nessage from WAR to CINCFE.pdf
Incoming message from WAR (WDSCA WO) to CINCFE, dated June 3rd 1947; on evidence and confirmation by Ishii of human experimentation being carried out.

9.29 17Mar1947 Report of Investigation Division, Legal Section by John Duffy.pdf
Report of Investigation Division by John A. Duffy (Civilian Investigator, SCAP, Legal Section), dated March 17th, 1947; on interviews with Mamoru Ouchi and Tokio Machida and experiments conducted on POW at the Kwantung Army Quarantine Stable.
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