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9.40 30Aug1947.pdf
Message from WAR to CINCFE, regarding the Masude report on biological warfare, dated August, 30th 1947.

3.38 5 Sep 1944 Paraphraed Extract from Cable Received from Air Force in Kunming.pdf
Cable received from the 14th Air Force in Kunming, China on September 5th, 1944. The document is a paraphrased extract regarding the unloading of feathers over Futaing by the Japanese.

3.51 23 Jan. 1945 Intelligence Report from 6th Service Com and District no 3 on Health and Sanitation in Nanping.pdf
Intelligence Report from the 6th Service Commander, Dr. Gerald Laiser Downie on January 23, 1945 regarding information concerning sources, and health and sanitation Yanping.

10.38 15Dec1950.pdf
Note from A. Panyushkin to Mr. Dean G. Acheson, Secretary of State of the United States from December 15, 1950.

10.22 10Apr1947.pdf
Two memorandums to USSR member Lt. Gen. K. Derevyanko, Allied Council for Japan, from John B. Cooley on March 7th, 1947 and April 10th, 1947.

Box 11 (10).pdf
Preliminary examination of documents from the Allied translator and interpreter section southwest Pacific Area dated October 5th, 1944.

MS 677.pdf
Bulletin No. 1487 from the Allied Translator and Interpreter Section of the South West Pacific Area, containing a summary of a pamphlet titled "Service Regulations for Water Purifying Unit."

Box 5 (5) (1).pdf
Report of the conference with G-2, Western Defense Command, regarding Japanese balloons, addressed to the Surgeon General dated February 2nd, 1945.

3.65 12 May 1945. Transmittal of report on Japan and BW Warfare.pdf
Report from the Assistant to the Military Attache to the War Department on May 12th, 1945; regarding Japanese intentions, research, weapons, allegations, and miscellaneous information on biological warfare.

3.43 17 Nov 1944. AG 381 B. BW..pdf
Letter to the Chief of Staff from R.B. Lowry on November 17, 1944 regarding a prisoner of war testimony on biological warfare being carried out in Nanking and developed by the Water Purification Unit.
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