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Memorandum to Lt. Colonel Anderson from Lt. Colonel Howard I. Cole, containing summaries of two reports ("Summary of Information Extracted from a Report by a Member of the Staff of the Army Medical Colllege, Tokyo" and "Summary of a Provisional…

Report from the Military Intelligence Service of the United States War Department containing an extract from the ATIS-SWPA Bulletin No 1638, dated December 20, 1944. The documents are from Japanese intelligence reports with information about…

2020-02-12 10-11.pdf
Documents on Japanese Deconcentration from Mr. Throp and to Mr. Butterworth.

2020-02-11 14-39.pdf
Information form United States Forces in the China Theater regarding the Chinese National Military Council from May 29, 1945.

10.38 15Dec1950.pdf
Note from A. Panyushkin to Mr. Dean G. Acheson, Secretary of State of the United States from December 15, 1950.

3.7 29 Dec 1941 Transmission of Report on the Plague Situation in 1941.pdf
Report to the Secretary of State, Washington D.C., on the plague situation in occupied China during the Winter of 1941, as well as the prevalence of the disease in the different regions beforehand.
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