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Paraphrase of a cable from CG, Rr. Echelon GHQ, SWPA to the War Department, dated August 2, 1944. Contains allegations from a prisoner of war about research done by Major General Shiro Ishii on bacillus bombs in Harbin, Manchuria.

Communication from CG Rear Echelon, General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area, Brisbane, Australia, to the United States War Department, with a translation of a Japanese medical report from November 14, 1944. The report was sent from Chief of theā€¦

MS 677.pdf
Bulletin No. 1487 from the Allied Translator and Interpreter Section of the South West Pacific Area, containing a summary of a pamphlet titled "Service Regulations for Water Purifying Unit."

Intelligence report from British Ministry of Information regarding Burma

Various reports and an interrogation from the United States Army Forces on the CBI (China, Burma, India

Bo 2(3) .pdf
Documents on BW addressed to the Commanding General Army Service Forces dated from May 1943 to December 1945.

Box 2 (6) .pdf
Memorandum for the Surgeon General regarding BW policy, from the War Department, National Academy of Science dated July 20, 1944.

Box 6 (6) (1).pdf
Documents and intelligence reports regarding newspaper articles on Japanese biological warfare dated from April of 1942 to January 1944.

Box 6 (2) (1).pdf
Report from Military intelligence Division W.D.C.S, Joseph K. Dickey Colonel GSC, on supply and purification unit of the Japanese Army, dated December 6th, 1944.

Box 4 (12) (1).pdf
Memorandum for Colonel Karl Lundeberg from the War Department Army Service Forces, Office of the Surgeon General, dated February 14th, 1944.
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