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3.1 25 Feb 1941 Memorandum on Japanese BW and Parachute Troops.pdf
Information from the Philipphine Department to the Assistant Chief of Staff on the exsitence of a bacteriological warfare battalion within the Chemical Warfare Regiments of the Japanese Army, as well as the arrival of 200 trained parachute troops in…

3.2 13 March 1941 Memo on Japanese BW and Parachute Troops.pdf
Memorandum from the Philippine Department to bring attention to the Chief of Staff on the immunization of troops against tetanus in the Philippine Islands.

3.3 12 Dec 1941 Report on Plague in Chagteh, Hunan.pdf
Report of the investigation on the outbreak of a plague epidemic in Changteh, Hunan in 1941.

3.5 20 Dec 1941 Military Attache Letter to Col. William.pdf
Letter updating on the investigation on the plague epidemic in Changteh, Hunan from the US Embassy in Chungking, Szechuan.

3.6 20 Dec 1941 Letter to Dr Co Tui.pdf
Cover letter by the E.M.S.T.S to the American Bureau for Medical Aid to China in December 1941 confirming BW waged by the enemy in Changteh, Hunan (missing report).

3.7 29 Dec 1941 Transmission of Report on the Plague Situation in 1941.pdf
Report to the Secretary of State, Washington D.C., on the plague situation in occupied China during the Winter of 1941, as well as the prevalence of the disease in the different regions beforehand.

3.8 30 Dec 1941 Letter to Dr P.Z. King, National Health Administtraion Chungking.pdf
Letter reporting on the Plague situation in Changteh, number of cases and scientific research done, and its correlation with the aerial attack of November 4th ,1941.

3.9 23 March 1942 The Alleged BW Incident at Changteh.pdf
Technical report on the alleged BW incident at Changteh, which concludes that the outbreak was linked to the scattering of plague infected materials over Changteh by an enemy aircraft on November 4th 1941.

3.41 16 Oct 1944 Memorandum for Maj. Gen. Styer.pdf
Memorandums for Wilhelm D. Styer from Howard I. Cole on October 16, 1944 regarding the capture of a secret Japanese document about "bacterial strategy".

3.61 19 Apr. 1945 BW Breeding of Viri..pdf
Report by JICA/CT br. on April 19th, 1945; regarding Japanese laboratories breeding different pathogenic bacterias.
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