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9.16 20Nov1946 Report of Investigation Division Legal Section by LH Barnard.pdf
Report of Investigation Division by L.H.Barnard (SCAP), dated November 20th, 1946; on allegations of human experimentation being done in Ishii's secret laboratories.

3.35 China Handbook 1937 to 1943 A Comprehensive Survey of Major Developments in CHina in Six Years of War.pdf
"China Handbook, 1937-1943, A comprehensive Survey of Major Developments in China in Six Years of War", information compiled by the Chinese Ministry of Information and published by the MacMillan Company, NY in 1943.

3.34 20 Dec 1943 Office of Censorship US on Reference to serious epidemic of bubonic plague in Fuken.pdf
Extract from a letter regarding the bubonic plague in in Fukien, from the Friends' Ambulance Unit in Szechuan, Free China to the McKies in LIverpool, England; dated December 20th, 1943. Picked up by the Office of Censorship US.

3.32 29 Nov 1943 Office for Censorship US on Plague Spread in Lung Chuan.pdf
Information regarding Plague spread in Lung Chuan, from the Methodist Mission in Chekiang, Free China to the Methodist Missionary Society in London; picked up by the Office of US Censorship and date November 29, 1943.

3.31 27 Nov 1943 Office of Censorship on Virulent Cholera Epidemic in Changsha.pdf
Mail from the British Red Cross in Hunan, China to Ms. G. Rees Roberts in N.Wales, entitled "Virulent Cholera Epidemic in Changsha"; picked up by the Office of Censorship in the US, dated November 27th, 1943.

3.29 14 Sep 1943 Office of Censorship US on Disease in CHina.pdf
Reproduction of submission from the Foreign Censorship office, dated December 9th, 1943 regarding the Cholera epidemic in Yiyang, China.

3.27 14 Dec 1942 Chinese Cholera Epidemic Now Mammotg etc.pdf
Series of short reports from Tokyo to the US, Central and South Americas and a report from US Headquarters in India in 1942-1944 regarding diverse epidemics in China over the time period.

3.25 3 Dec 1945 Chungking in English.pdf
Correspondence (telegram?) of a radio-transmission from Chungking to Europe on December 3, 1942 regarding proof that Japanese used BW.

3.44 28 Nov 1944. AG 385 B. BW..pdf
Letter to the Chief of Staff from R.B. Lowry on November 28, 1944 regarding plague outbreaks in Thailand and Burma.

3.42 3 Nov 1944 Military Attache Report on Medical Intellgience in Fukien.pdf
Military Attache Report by the Military Intelligence Division on November 3, 1944 regarding information obtained on disease outbreaks in Fukien, China.
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