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Paraphrase of a cable from CG, Rr. Echelon GHQ, SWPA to the War Department, dated August 2, 1944. Contains allegations from a prisoner of war about research done by Major General Shiro Ishii on bacillus bombs in Harbin, Manchuria.

9.35 22Jun1947 Incoming Message from WAR to CINCEF.pdf
Incoming Message from WAR to CINCFE, dated June 22nd, 1947; on the Legal Section of SCAP having sufficient evidence for the criminalisation of Ishii's BW group violating rules of land warfare.

9.15 15Nov1946 Records of Ishii Shiro by T.Nobori.pdf
PMR by T.Nobori from the Central Liaison Office dated November 15th, 1946 on the military and biographical history of Ishii Shiro.

9.13 8Nov1946 Report of Investigation Division Legal Section by Barnard.pdf
Report of Investigation Division by L.H.Barnard (SCAP), dated November 8th 1946; on the allegations that Ishii Shiro and a member of the Imperial family engaged in activities in China that would characterise them as a war criminals.
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