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Memorandum to Lt. Colonel Anderson from Lt. Colonel Howard I. Cole, containing summaries of two reports ("Summary of Information Extracted from a Report by a Member of the Staff of the Army Medical Colllege, Tokyo" and "Summary of a Provisionalā€¦

Message from CINCFE Tokyo Japan (Carpenter, Legal Section, SCAP) to War (WDSCAWC), with information about the allegations of biological warfare and legal case against Shiro Ishii.

Communication from CG Rear Echelon, General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area, Brisbane, Australia, to the United States War Department, with a translation of a Japanese medical report from November 14, 1944. The report was sent from Chief of theā€¦

9.32 3Jun1947 Incoming Nessage from WAR to CINCFE.pdf
Incoming message from WAR (WDSCA WO) to CINCFE, dated June 3rd 1947; on evidence and confirmation by Ishii of human experimentation being carried out.

9.23 28Jan1947 Report of Investigation, Legal Division by Neal Smith.pdf
Report of Investigation Division by Neal R. Smith (SCAP, Legal Section), dated January 28th, 1947; on allegations provided by Ryoichi Naito that Shiro Ishii used POW for his research in bacteriological warfare.

9.16 20Nov1946 Report of Investigation Division Legal Section by LH Barnard.pdf
Report of Investigation Division by L.H.Barnard (SCAP), dated November 20th, 1946; on allegations of human experimentation being done in Ishii's secret laboratories.
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